Blue Frog Country Bumpkin E1

IMG_20140124_180413(1)Our space and labor saving system built for treating well water, the Blue Frog Country Bumpkin E1 system will filter out light sediment and soften water all in one unit.  No need to change any pre-filters with this system.  With our exclusive E-1 controller, the Country Bumpkin E-1 is rugged and efficient.  Easy to program with an intuitive menu.

The top section contains a short layer of our filter blend to trap small amounts of sediment and iron.  The bottom section is a water softener.  If your well water has high amounts of iron or sediment, it is recommended that you use separate filter and softener systems.

Built with our exclusive E-1 controller for long, trouble free service.  See the manual here (Individual installations may vary) :

F79-B & F82-B Manual 9-29-11

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