Blue Frog E4 Water Softeners


E4 Softener

E4 Controller

E4 Controller

Soft water makes your skin and hair feel better and soft water will make water using appliances work efficient and last longer.  Soft water can also improve the efficiency of your water heater by 20% which will save you energy and money.

Built with the advanced Rev 4 valve and a high flow design, our Blue Frog E4 Water Softeners are for larger homes and for light industrial and commercial applications.  Utilizing the same type of advanced sapphire ceramic control surfaces found in our E1 systems, this rugged and versatile system will provide soft water for your home or business in an efficient manner.  Available in 48,000 grain, 64,000 grain, 80,000 grain, 110,000 grain, and 120,000 grain sizes.  Call Clean Water Man, Inc. at 203-417-9601 for a free on site estimate.


Spec sheet pdf:



Manual Word Document (Individual installations may vary):

RevV4_SERIES 72605 Service Manual120912

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