Blue Frog E3 Softener

E3 Softener

Blue Frog E3 Softener

Our replacement for the E1 Softener. Advanced design utilizing sapphire ceramic valve surfaces and intuitive user friendly programming. Efficient and quiet.

The E3 is our improvement over our E1 system, providing better flow rates and more programing flexibility. Great for most average sized homes with 1/2″, 3/4″, or 1″ plumbing. Can be used on up to 14″ wide tanks.

Programmable with both metering and day override regeneration to ensure efficiency AND efficacy. The day override feature is especially important in high iron or odor situations since simply relying on usage (like most other advanced brands of water softeners do) can allow iron, manganese, odor, and other problems to “foul” the bed and cause mineral or odor bleed through to the home.

Sapphire ceramic control surfaces are nearly indestructible inside the E3 controller and will will provide years of trouble free service. When you compare the durability of our sapphire ceramic control surfaces with the typical industry materials (plastic, brass, rubber, PTFE) it easy easy to understand why our controllers are the best choice for problem water, and if you didn’t have problem water, you would not need a water treatment system.

F79-B & F82-B Manual 9-29-11

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