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  1. admin says:

    What Does It Do? (Blue Frog City Slicker Fluoride Reduction System).

    The Blue Frog brand City Slicker Fluoride Reduction and Softening system. A compact water system that provides both fluoride / chlorine reduction and softening. Lowers your exposure to fluoride / chlorine that comes from exposure of your skin while bathing and lowers exposure caused by breathing aerated fluoride / chlorine in hot showers. Also provides luxurious soft water which is gentle for your skin and hair while making your water heater, dishwasher, and clothes washer more efficient and effective.

    Utilizes Danbury Manufacturing Inc.’s exclusive E-1 valve, bone char media for fluoride / chlorine and VOC reduction, and North American sourced softening resin. Compact brine vat for space saving.

    The E-1 control valve is easy to program with an intuitive, menu based screen. There are no irritating “secret code” lockouts that make other brands so difficult to use for both customers and installers. The water flow surfaces are sapphire ceramic discs which do not scratch or wear out.

    Water metering and up-flow brining make the system efficient and salt usage will be minimum.

    This system is designed for people who believe that reducing their exposure to fluoride is beneficial. I do not make any claims about the health benefits of risks of fluoride but I can tell you that this City Slicker, along with a reverse osmosis drinking water system are what I rely on to lower my exposure to many chemicals in the municipal water that comes into my home.