Blue Frog E1 Water Softeners

E1 Softener

E1 Water Softener

E1 Controller

E1 Controller

 Blue Frog E1 Softeners (No Longer Sold, But Kept Here So You Can Find The Online Manual)

Soft water makes your skin and hair feel better and soft water will make water using appliances work efficient and last longer.  Soft water can also improve the efficiency of your water heater by 20% which will save you energy and money.

With our exclusive E1 controller, the E1 Water Softeners are rugged and efficient.  Easy to program with an intuitive menu.  Control surfaces are made of sapphire ceramic to resist wear, scratching, and corrosion.  Available in 24,000 grain, 32,000 grain and 48,000 grain sizes and custom sizes for special installation considerations.  Our online manual for this controller is here, (individual installations may vary):

F79-B & F82-B Manual 9-29-11

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