Blue Frog E1 Neutralizer Filters

E1 Neutralizer

E1 Neutralizer

(No Longer Sold But Kept Here So You Can Find The Manual)

Do you have green staining in your sinks, tubs, and toilets?  Does your metal plumbing develop pinhole leaks?  Does your hair turn green?  The most common cause of these problems is acid water corroding your copper plumbing.  Fix it with a Blue Frog E1 Neutralizer Filter.

With our exclusive E1 controller, the Blue Frog E1 Neutralizer Filters are rugged and efficient.  Used to neutralize acid water.  Easy to program with an intuitive menu.  Control surfaces are made of sapphire ceramic to resist wear, scratching, and corrosion.  10″ x 54″, and custom sizes for special installation considerations.  Our online manual for this controller is here, (individual installations may vary):

F79-B & F82-B Manual 9-29-11

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